Major Sub-Themes

The main theme of this National Symposium is Remote Sensing for Environment Monitoring & Climate Change Assessment: Opportunities and Challenges. Some of the major sub-themes are as follows:

  •   Agriculture
  •   Water Resources
  •   Environment
  •   Forestry
  •   Geosciences
  •   Cryosphere
  •   Coastal Applications
  •   Climate Change Indicators, Impact and Assessment
  •   Urban Applications
  •   Desertification, Land degradation and Droughts
  •   Marine Sciences
  •   Atmospheric Trace gases and Aerosols
  •   Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
  •   Weather Forecasting and Disaster Management
  •   Impact of Lockdownon Environment
  •   Astronomical and Planetary Remote Sensing
  •   Hyperspectral Applications
  •   Microwave Applications
  •   Geospatial Technology
  •   Machine Learning,Big Data Analytics, Data Mining and Advanced Algorithms
  •   Advances in Sensor Technologies (Quantum Radar, LiDAR, UAVs etc.)
  •   GNSS systems and applications
  •   Advances in Space Technologies
  •   E-Governance – Systems for Digital India
  •   Entrepreneurship development in the Field of Earth Observation
  •   Others

Annual Convention with Unique Attractions

Apart from paper presentations, a number of other professionally significant events are also lined up like the annual awards ceremony, Vikram Sarabhai Memorial Lecture, ISG Millennium Lecture, lead talks & plenary lectures by eminent experts, annual general body meetings of ISRS and ISG, etc. Besides technical presentations, other interesting features such as virtual tours, online display of exhibits, a virtual cultural show, presentations in Hindi etc. will make the event an enriching, memorable & different experience for the participants.