Guidelines for Virtual Platform

  • Ensure you are connected via Laptop with good and stable Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Keep your Direct Login Link ready and available with you.
  • Login 20 minutes before your Session Timing.
  • Plan the duration of your Presentation / Talk as per the scheduled session time length provided to you.
  • Check your Laptop’s Camera and Mic functioning beforehand.
  • For clear video, please sit with the light source in front of you (not behind you).
  • For clear audio, please sit in a closed room with no noise or sound disturbances.
  • Kindly make note of points discussed during Speaker Training for a seamless experience.
  • Please do not open Delegate Platform on browser on same computer where you are using zoom link.
  • Please do not have 2 devices or Browsers logged on in same room/device.
  • You can use headphone while presenting.

  • Please Login preferably using a Laptop with good Wi-Fi internet connection. You can Login using your Mobile Phone as well with a good 4G internet connection.
  • Ensure that your internet connection is stable at all times.
  • If using Mobile Phone, please keep it in horizontal (landscape) mode for best viewing.
  • You can directly connect using by entering your user name and password as specified during registration process.